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Created 2-Jul-13
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Our 2010 Calendar features images exclusively from Knox County, Ohio this year.
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05 - Amish Farm In Pike Township07 - Downtown Gazebo In <a href="" target="_blank">Fredericktown, Ohio</a>.08 - Harness Racing At The <a href="" target="_blank">Knox County Fair</a>.09 - Bald Eagle Soaring Along The Kokosing River10 - Amish Farm Near Waterford, Ohio12 - Chapel Hill Near Bangs, Ohio01 - The <a href="" target="_blank">Kokosing River</a> (ko-KO-sing) in Eastern Knox County.02 - The Knox County Courthouse as seen from Foundation Park in Mount Vernon, Ohio03 - The Public Square In <a href="" target="_blank">Mount Vernon, Ohio</a>. The memorial honors those that served during the Civil War.04 - The New Testatment Stone Garden sits behind <a href="" target="_blank">Faith Lutheran Church</a> in Mount Vernon, Ohio.2010 Cover

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