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Created 2-Jul-13
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Pictures while visiting Kabul Afghanistan in October 2005.
Afghan Girl.  While this may look like a pose its really a candid shot as she was looking across a school yard at some older girls. I wonder what was going through her head?Afghan BoyKabul merchant at street bazaar, gotta love the counter weights!Kabul street bazaarRebuilding home in KabulKabul AirportKabul sceneKabul sceneKabul High SchoolKabul street sceneKabul hillsideKabul youthKabul teensKabul teensDon't forget to take your shoes off upon entering.Kabul kids rummaging through street trashKabul father and sonsKabul kids rummaging through street trashDyed yarn drying on Kabul streetDyed yarn drying on Kabul street

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