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Created 2-Jul-13
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The Stone Garden sits behind Faith Lutheran Church in Mount Vernon, Ohio and is open to the public. Please treat the property with the respect it deserves. We featured a picture from the Stone Garden in our 2010 Calendar this year which showcases images exclusively from Knox County, Ohio this year. Here is the Calendar Link.
Outdoor Amphitheatre & Stone AltarThe Wedding HouseGrave StoneTemple StonesStumbling Stones / Message StonesMessage StonesOutdoor Amphitheatre & Stone AltarOutdoor AmphitheatreTemple StonesTemple StonesTemple StonesOutdoor Amphitheatre & Stone AltarOutdoor AltarTemple StonesThe Wedding HouseThe Wedding HouseThe Wedding HouseTemple StonesGrave StonesGrave Stone

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